Good news for all meeting enthusiasts – booking a room at CERN has never been so easy. On 26 May the aging Conference Rooms Booking System (CRBS) application was replaced with an integrated Indico module that greatly eases the process of reserving a meeting room.

Indico, the Integrated Digital Conference tool, will guide you through the booking process by proposing enhanced room searching interfaces and improved options. Managing your bookings is child’s play with this new application: simply log on and you’ll be presented with the list of your bookings, with options to cancel or modify them. A stand-alone interface also exists for those who do not yet manage their meetings through Indico.

There is also good news for room managers, since the new application enables them to choose between several new methods for handling incoming requests: for example, it is now possible to accept all bookings automatically. Room data is managed through the AIS/Gesloc application to avoid database duplication.